How to add Pros & Cons Table in WordPress

A Pros & Cons Table gives a quick summary view of advantages and disadvantages of a product. It is especially useful in review posts where you are giving your opinion on any product or service.

You can see many popular review blogs like use these tables to give you a quick summary of products. It not only acts a good content break but also helps hook the reader to the post.

Let’s see how you can get such table for your website.

How to add a Pro & Con Table in Gutenberg

You can now add a Pro & Con Table in Gutenberg WordPress very easily using a simple plugin- Mighty Pros and Cons. This plugin provides a custom Gutenberg block which helps you create highly responsive and attractive Pros and Cons table in your WordPress blog post or page.

  • Step 1- In the WordPress Gutenberg Editor, go to Plugins
  • Step 2- Click on “Add New Plugin” and search for the plugin “Mighty Pros and Cons”. Install and activate the plugin
  • Step 3- Go to the WordPress Post where you want to add Pro & Con Table, click on “Add new block” and search for “Mighty Pro & Cons” Block. Insert this block and you will find a cool Pro & Con Table Below

This is the default style, which is circular. You also get 2 other style options like this:

Style 2- Curved Rectangle

Style 3- Straight Rectangle

It’s quite simple and easy to use UI which allows you to create the responsive table easily. You just need to add the values and you’re done. You don’t require to have any specific technical skills to use this plugin.

Following are the features of Mighty Pros and Cons table:

  1. It’s highly responsive.
  2. It contains three predefined templates.
  3. It provides an option to change the background color.
  4. It provides an option to show or hide the title and button.
  5. It provides an option to select the border type, border color or even the border size.
  6. It provides an option to select the HTML tag for Title of the table in order to make it more SEO friendly.
  7. There is option to ‘Open Link’ in New Tab and add ‘No Follow’ tag on Button link.
  8. It’s lightweight, and not adding any additional useless code to your website.
  9. It’s let’s you to create rounded, square or round call to action button.